In this episode we have our guest Canadian commercial photographer Giancarlo Pawelec (GC) who comes into our international studio for a fireside chat.

Dan and Mick reveal what they have been doing in Prague and Vegas before we head into the meat on the bones. We also unravel the mystery of the Three Musketeers, hard hitting journalism. 

First off we talk NFTs, what are they, will Mick ever understand how to spell NFT, and what’s fungible ? We cover all the hard hitting facts in this all encompassing coverage of NTFs as we only know how on The Grumpy Podographer Podcast.

We actually talk about photography with GC, and his experiences of owning, running and working in his studio in Toronto called Studio 311 Check Out The Studio Here. GC covers how he started with automotive clients, working a proper planned out photoshoot and how he goes about it.

This or That is back for some fun with Mick asking the questions with a few modifications along the way.

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CES 2022 Las Vegas
Dan at CES 2022 in Las Vegas
Prague Photography with Mick Ryan
Mick in Prague
Giancarlo Pawelec
Giancarlo Pawelec - Podcast Guest