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Listen as we tweak the nose of our peers, the photography industry and YouTubers we love to hate. Expect plenty of sharp humor, occasional throwing shade and stories to cover your ears. 

Plus a hint of two curmudgeons giving it large.


Released every 2 weeks* (we will try anyway, promise) on all available platforms that will host our podcast. Currently on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio and others.

Check back to the home page for updates, search for us in your podcast app.


The who is easy, Dan M Lee and Mick Ryan will put the world to sword from the comfort of our microphones, each side of the Atlantic. 

Just to be clear that’s New York City and Liverpool. 

  • Starting 9th September 2021
Dan M Lee Podcast Co-Host

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The Grumpy Podographer Podcast
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Learn more about who listens to The Grumpy Podographer Podcast

Our podcast is now listened to across many demographics and in high numbers. 

The last Grumpy Podographer Podcast reached over 9,000 listeners within its debut week. With a spread of 61% male and 30% female and the rest an unknown or non-specified gender. The average age of listeners is 36yrs old, with the oldest being 86yrs old !!

We are listened to in these top 5 countries, USA, UK, Germany, India and Australia.

We are currently found on all major streaming platforms such as Apple iTunes & Podcast, Amazon Music, Audacy, Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Goodpods and transcribed into foreign non-English speaking markets such as India and Germany.  

Around 87% of listened return for the next episode and as of 9/30/21 38% have subscribed through one of the major platforms either in-app or through website portals. 

We ranked on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) in position #34 in the category Visual Arts (Germany). Position #80 in the category Visual Arts (United Kingdom). And finally position #144 in the category Visual Arts (United States)

We offer many ways to advertise your brand, product or company.

Within the podcast broadcast itself as audio bookends, mentions of the product (if we like it, we won’t back products we do not know or like). Plus advertising is available through a link through the blog pages or show notes.

Contact us to talk about future projects.

The Grumpy Podographer Podcast
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